Research Facility Lab Support Services

The Research Facilities Department (RF) supports the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute (AFCRI) community by addressing a variety of common facility needs. We routinely monitor building status, address maintenance of common equipment, and respond to Investigator concerns to enhance the continued progress of research at the Institute.


Dorothy Hunter
Phone: 215-898-0266.

If you are a member of AFCRI, see the RF website for more:

Business Office

The Business Office within the AFCRI supports the financial operations of the Institute on every level, from pre-award grant and award applications to post-award management.

Director of Fiscal Operations

James J. Riley
Phone: 215-746-5520

Manager of Post-Award Grant Operations

James DiIenno
Phone: 215-746-6797

Human Resources

AFCRI Human Resources assists with job postings, hiring of staff and postdoctoral candidates, visa applications, and payroll information.

HR Coordinator

Joanne Gorman
Phone: 215-746-5550