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Name: Clinical Cell and Vaccine Production Facility
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Fax: (215) 615-4718
Address: Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute M6.40 Maloney 3400 Spruce Street Philadelphia , PA 19104
Lab Manager: Julio Cotte


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Bruce Levin at the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute at the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center Name: Bruce L. Levine, Ph.D.
Title/Titles: Barbara and Edward Netter Professor in Cancer Gene Therapy
Director, Clinical Cell and Vaccine Production Facility Research Associate Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Phone: (215) 614-0309
Fax: (215) 615-4718

Dr. Levine is an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania. He began his scientific career at the Wistar Institute during summers in high school and while an undergraduate at Penn. While there, he learned cell culture in the laboratory of Dr. Vincent Cristofalo. After graduation in 1984, he worked as a technician in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia examining immune responses following Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccination.
Dr. Levine received his Ph. D. in Immunology and Infectious Diseases from the Johns Hopkins University in 1992. He was a post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Carl June at the Naval Medical Research Institute in Bethesda, MD and later an Investigator at NMRI and Research Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Uniformed Services University for the Health Sciences. During this time, he developed a system for large scale efficient culture of lymphocytes that has proved to be the foundation for several current Phase I clinical trials of adoptive immunotherapy for infection or malignancy at the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

He is currently Director of the Clinical Cell and Vaccine Production Facility which activates, inserts potentially therapeutic genes and expands patient immune system cells ex vivo as a way to re-educate the immune system to better fight residual cancer or infection.  The CVPF is accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy.  A second part of the role of the CVPF in supporting new clinical trials is the scale-up and validation of large-scale cell processing procedures for the next generation of cell therapy trials. The third aspect of the CVPF mission is to study immune status from patient samples pre- and post-treatment to delve into the mechanisms of engineered tumor and HIV immunity. The CVPF has produced over 500 cell therapy products for over 300 patients in 22 completed or ongoing Phase I and randomized clinical trials, and conducted the first trial of lentiviral vector-modified cells.  Dr. Levine maintains research interests in lymphocyte growth, activation and senescence, and HIV immunity.

Selected Publications

Porter, D.L., Levine, B.L., Bunin, N., Stadtmauer, E.A. Luger, S.M. Goldstein, S., Loren, A., Phillips, J., Nasta, S., Perl, A., Schuster, S., Tsai, D., Sohal, A., Veloso, E., Emerson, S., June, C.H.: A Phase I Trial of Donor Lymphocyte Infusions Expanded and Activated Ex-Vivo Via CD3/CD28 Co-Stimulation. Blood 107(4): 1325-1331, February 2006 Notes: prepublished online November 3, 2005; DOI 10.1182/blood-2005-08-3373.

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Godfrey, W.R., Spoden, D.J., Ge, Y.G., Baker, S.R., Liu, B., Levine, B.L., June, C.H., Blazar, B.R., Porter, S.B.: Cord Blood CD4+CD25+ Derived T Regulatory Cell Lines Express FoxP3 protein and Manifest Potent Suppressor Function. Blood 105(2): 750-758, January 2005 Notes: pre-published online September 16, 2004 DOI 10.1182/blood-2004-06-2467.

Godfrey, W.R., Ge, Y., Spoden, D.J., Levine, B.L., June, C.H., Blazar, B.R., Porter, S.B.: In Vitro Expanded Human CD4+CD25+ T Regulatory Cells Markedly Inhibit Allogeneic Dendritic Cell Stimulated MLR Cultures. Blood 104(2): 453-61, July 2004 Notes: prepublished online March 18, 2004; DOI 10.1182/blood-2004-01-0151.

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Dropulic, B., Humeau, L., Slepushkin, V., Lu, X., Manilla, P., Rebello, T., Afable, C., Lacy, K., Ybarra, C., Levine, B., June, C., MacGregor, R.R.: Establishing Safety in the Clinic for the First Lentiviral Vector To Be Tested in Humans. Blood 104(11), November 2004 Notes: Abstract of the American Society of Hematology Meeting, 2004.

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