Career and College Readiness Internship @ Penn Medicine

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       Hosted by the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute and the Department of Cancer Biology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, this high school summer internship program provides rising seniors or recent graduates a paid learning and growth opportunity. Student interns will explore career and educational opportunities while commuting to the campus of the University of Pennsylvania for five weeks between July and August. This program, offered in partnership with JEVS ( Jobs, Education, and Vital Services) , works with students enrolled in career and technical education cohorts supported by the Philadelphia Academies, Inc. and within the School District of Philadelphia. Content focuses primarily on those attending one of the following:


                                        The Academy of Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship                                                                                            The Academy of Health Sciences and Research 


     Our mission is to provide students with hands-on work experience in fields affiliated with their high school pathways that will include one-on-one career preparation, online and in-person training sessions, real-world demonstrations, and interaction with a diverse array of faculty, staff, and trainees, engagement with entrepreneurs, and the general experience of being on a college campus.

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